BS, Management Information Systems

Study Format Online, Blended

This accelerated bachelor's degree is offered 100% online and through on-campus cohorts.

Program Length 128 credits, 67 transfer

This degree requires 128 credit hours, which may include up to 67 transfer credits.


Information Systems Management

This course offers students a thorough understanding of information technology, network topologies, and software functionality for organizations. Students recognize institutional structure and various applications for systems efficiency that increase the potential for profitability and employee effectiveness. Students will understand the usefulness of networking components and database management techniques for improving business operations, including design, analysis, and implementation of innovation.

Management Information System Analysis and Development

Students will aquire a detailed understanding of the methods and techniques for recognizing current system deficiencies, analyzing data, and designing improvements. Interacting with employees, noticing critical factors for organizational effectiveness and developing solutions are important attributes for systems managers. This course prepares students for organizing information, application design, and the ability to create solutions to a company's current information system and structure.

Information Systems Design

A study of business networks and the different components of an information system, including operating systems, terminals, servers, switches, and databases are the focus of this course. Additionally, this course prepares students about design fundamentals for a company’s information systems requirements.

Systems Approach to Organizational Change

Nature and meaning of systems, boundaries and environments, mission statements, organizational structures, relationships, rewards, power and procedures. Diagnosing problems in organizations. Preparing for, implementing and managing change.


This course will introduce students to core concepts of computer programming and the use of programming to solve computation problems found in fields like mathematics, science and business. Students will learn about the structure of computer programs and computer languages, and learn principles that will allow them to implement problem-solving strategies in any modern computer language like Python, C++ and Java. Key ideas covered in this course include procedural abstraction, algorithms, data abstraction, object-oriented programming, and debugging. This course will provide a strong foundation for students wishing to develop a functional understanding of programming basics as well as students wishing to take more advanced programming courses with specific business applications in the future.

Network Analysis

This course prepares students for information system analyses, specifically the course will investigate attributes of a network requiring improvement and solutions for improving the functionality of applications and company operations. Individuals will explore the differing responsibilities of a network administrator such as continual network analysis, design and implementation processes.

Database Design and Management

This course provides students a detailed understanding of database design, functionality, and the value of information storage. Data acquisition is integral to an organization's marketing and promotional efforts and requires a consistency and effective structuring that allows for previous entries to be manipulated and analyzed to recognize trends and predict market conditions. This process includes development of potential product offerings, personalized advertisements, and company re-structuring to accomodate consumer behavior.

Research Design and Methodology

This course provides an overview of research methodology from the perspective of data driven decision-making.  Specifically, students will be introduced to basic statistical techniques and their application in data analysis.  Students will also develop a research proposal for their Senior Project.

Java and XHTML Web Design

In this course, students will study the World Wide Web, including languages and design techniques for creating web sites and applications; aligning transactions and information acquisition applications with databases; and assuring elements of business’ presentation enhance the experience of a consumer’s interaction. Students will be exposed to approaches for promoting customer retention, efficient commerce, and secure system operations in an online electronic environment.

Principles in Management

Dimensions of management, management process and skills, strategic planning, leadership styles and impact on subordinates, teamwork and work force diversity, communication of values, negotiations with employees and impact on productivity. Total Quality Management and Management by Objectives.

Senior Project

The Senior Project is the Accelerated Degree Program capstone. This course is an intensive, process-oriented, active learning project through which students apply learning acquired through all major coursework. Designing and developing the Senior Project requires students to follow a problem from recognition to providing a well-researched solution or from the development of an opportunity to a well-researched action plan. Students are required to complete a comprehensive document and present their findings. Prerequisite: OMP 4236.

General Education Courses

  • Communication
  • Humanities
  • Social Sciences, including Macroeconomics
  • Mathematics, must be above Intermediate Algebra
  • Sciences, one biological science and one physical science, including one lab course
  • World Studies, multicultural or non-Western emphasis
  • Health and Wellness
  • Mission-Specific Courses: Theology

For a listing of General Education and elective courses, please consult the Undergraduate Catalog.

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