Core Faculty

Charlene Dunfee, PhD, DM, MBA, MAHR
DBA Faculty • Research
Email: Charlene.Dunfee@CUChicago.edu

Dr. Dunfee is the Chief Financial Officer of a 40-year-old multi-million dollar computer company that develops software for material handling organizations worldwide. As the organization’s chief financial officer, she is responsible for both the supervision of fiscal activities and management of the firm.

She has developed numerous classes for master and doctoral programs in traditional and for-profit universities. Her teaching experiences over the last 12 years have encompassed the undergrad, master's and doctoral levels, as well as international instruction at the masters and doctoral levels. She has received faculty of the year awards from two universities and outstanding faculty recognition from six other universities.

Her educational philosophy prioritizes the exchange of ideas, the development of communication skills, and the appreciation for the learning process; these prioritizes are reflected in Dr Dunfee’s classroom methods and comprise her philosophy at all levels of education.

Dr. Dunfee is a member of the Academy of Management, American Business Women’s Association and the NACA Heartland Association.


Adjunct Faculty

Dr. James (Jim) Morgan, PhD, MBA, CPA, CFA, CPCU
DBA Faculty • Strategy and Innovation
Email: James.Morgan@CUChicago.edu

Dr. James Morgan holds a PhD in Strategy from Capella University School of Business Technology, In addition, he has an MBA from University of Wisconsin - Madison, with certifications as a CPA, CFA, and . Dr. Morgan conducts seminars in strategy and leadership for the American Management Association (AMA) and the University of California-Davis.

 Dr. Morgan has contributed two articles to MWorld, the quarterly journal for the AMA, on strategy, innovation, and execution. Additionally, Dr. Morgan has written and published two Strategy and Innovation Readers for Forbes. He was awarded the Harold Able Distinguished Faculty of the Year in 2012-2013 by  the Capella School of Business. Dr. Morgan received the Stephen Shank recognition in 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, and 2016. 

An accomplished academic and instructor, Dr. Morgan has developed 12 courses in strategy, strategic thinking, innovation, and execution for Forbes, UC Berkeley, UC Davis, and Dominican University; all of the courses use a scholar-practitioner approach. A global strategist, he has conducted MBA and equivalent seminars and programs in Athens, Barcelona, Beijing, Brussels, Helsinki, Shanghai, Jakarta, Madrid, Mexico City, Santiago, Taipei, Tokyo, and Xian. 

He has 35 years of experience in facilitating growth strategy development and execution and has helped more than 250 organizations compete and prosper in an ever-changing marketplace. Formerly a senior manager at PriceWaterhouseCoopers, he is now managing partner of Strategy Dynamics, an international strategic management consulting firm assisting clients to achieve leadership positions in their respective industries. This encompasses consulting disciplines of growth strategy and execution plan development, executive development, strategic planning, and organization alignment. His emphasis on innovation, discipline and strategy execution, ensures success in developing and implementing strategy and strategic plans.

Dr. Morgan’s clients represent all major industries, both publicly and privately held, in all locations, from San Francisco to New York, Paris to Shanghai. A sampling of past and present clients: Bank of the West, BioNano Genetics, CA Technologies, CDFA, CPP, Inc., Diamond Foods, Don Sebastiani & Sons, enphase energy, GeneOhm Sciences, Kirby Risk, KHK Pharmaceuticals, LMI Aerospace, Medtronic, Microsoft China, MSquared Consulting, NetApp, Illinois CancerCare, Partek, Peju Winery, Predictive Biosciences, Rogan Plastics, St. Jude Medical, Tectronics, TFE, and USAA.


Dr. Suzanne Richins
Email: Suzanne.Richins@CUChicago.edu

Dr. Suzanne Richins is known as an early adopter of technology and innovation. As a senior leader in health care, she was one of the first to look at using analytics to structure staffing schedules based-patient arrival acuity to the emergency department, an inquiry that began with her master’s thesis. Her methodology was adopted throughout Intermountain Healthcare and various other well-known healthcare systems. While serving on an American Hospital Association-PMG Board and the Joint Commission Professional and Technical Advisory Committee, she conducted her dissertation on patient satisfaction prior to the adoption of these standards by both of these respected organizations. Her latest work involves using analytics to predict patient outcomes and improve quality. Dr. Richins teaches DBA, DHA, and DNP students for various universities while conducting her own research projects. Her first book on healthcare innovation and her second book on emerging technology were published in 2015. 

Dr. Richins earned her nursing degree from Weber State University, her professional arts degree from St. Joseph’s College, her MBA from Utah State University, and her doctorate in healthcare administration at the Medical University of South Carolina. She earned her degrees while advancing from staff nurse to manager of the operating rooms, Director of Emergency and Urgent Care Clinics, Director of Medical/Surgical Services, Administrator of Freestanding Surgical Centers, and Chief Operating Officer.

Due to her varied education and experience, Dr. Richins currently provides consultation and advising to clients regarding software for electronic medical records, revenue cycle management, predictive and retrospective analytics. She is the senior vice-president for healthcare at Global Targeting.



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