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Adult Learning Today and Tomorrow

An introduction to Adult Learning theory, concepts and self-management.  Resources and tools to successfully complete degree will be examined.  Writing, research and communication strategies will be discussed. Personal adult learning mission and plan will be developed.

Business Technology

The use of computing and Internet technologies as a tool for management and strategic planning. Discussion and application of emerging technologies.

Group and Organizational Dynamics

Small group communication, dealing with positive feedback, principles of small discussions. Project planning, managing people, small group participation, reengineering organizations. Understanding interpersonal communications, brainstorming process, decision-making and conflict resolution, and diagnosing group effectiveness.

Systems Approach to Organizational Change

Nature and meaning of systems, boundaries and environments, mission statement, organizational structures, relationships, rewards, power and procedures. Diagnosing problems in organizations. Preparing for, implementing and managing change.

Organizational Communication

Importance of communication in organizations, effective communication in organizations, developing and delivering effective interpersonal communication. Team-building, conflict resolution, and problem solving, communication and organizational culture, communication to and within groups.

Principles of Management

Dimensions of management, management process and skills, strategic planning, leadership styles and impact on subordinates, teamwork and work force diversity, communication of values, negotiations with employees and impact on productivity. Total Quality Management (TQM) and Management by Objectives.

Human Resource Management

Personnel function, development, and organizational structure. Developing job descriptions, personnel planning and forecasting, internal and external recruitment, personnel selection orientation, legal aspects of personnel. Employee benefits and costs, performance appraisal and discipline, labor relations, unions and negotiations.

Managerial Marketing

Products, markets, pricing, distribution, and promotion. The marketing environment. Identify and evaluate key marketing information.

Research Design and Methodology

This course provides an overview of research methodology. Students will identify a well-researched problem or solution. Students will develop a research proposal. 

Managerial Accounting

Financial tools for managers in decision-making: financial statements, bookkeeping process, financial statement analysis, statement of cash flow, internal cost concepts, present value concepts, and budgeting.

Personal Values and Organizational Ethics

Topics discussed from a Christian perspective include: nature of ethics and meaning of being ethical; ethical problems in organizations, environmental change and ethical considerations, moral reasoning, personal values, and decision making; alternate modes of moral reasoning; ethical issues between individuals and organizations, and principled leadership.

Senior Project

The Senior Project is the Accelerated Degree Program capstone. This course is an intensive, process-oriented, active learning project through which students apply learning acquired through all major coursework. Designing and developing the Senior Project requires students to follow a problem from recognition to providing a well-researched solution or from the development of an opportunity to a well-researched action plan. Students are required to complete a comprehensive document and present their findings. Prerequisite: OMP 4236.

General Education Courses

  • Communication
  • Humanities
  • Social Sciences, including Macroeconomics
  • Mathematics, must be above Intermediate Algebra
  • Sciences, one biological science and one physical science, including one lab course
  • World Studies, multicultural or non-Western emphasis
  • Health and Wellness
  • Mission-Specific Courses: Theology

For a listing of General Education and elective courses, please consult the Undergraduate Catalog.

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