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Public Safety Law and Society

An examination of public safety and society that will lead to understanding the government’s legal responsibility for the prevention and deterrence of dangers and the protection of the public that affects the well-being of communities throughout the country.

Multicultural Issues in Public Safety

This course will examine multicultural issues in public safety such as profiling, biased-based policing, and communication styles between public safety officials and the community. It will further examine the relationship between media and its effect on various public safety sector operations. Critical reflection of attitudes and perceptions will be addressed.

Ethical and Political Issues in Public Safety

This course examines ethical issues, external and internal politics, bureaucratic structures, and regulatory policy that can affect organizational practices and relationships within the communities.

Political Influences on Public Safety

This course examines the relationships between law enforcement administration and politics on a number of levels that can affect organizational practices while ensuring the welfare and protection of people within society.

Global Terrorism and Public Safety

Terrorism has existed in one form or another for a millennia. The post-September 11, 2001, world recognizes that public safety organizations play an important role in ensuring the safety of the public at large. To meet the challenges of a post-9/11 world, it is important to understand the threat of domestic, international and transnational terrorism. This course will provide an understanding of the threat of terrorism and the attraction to it by disenfranchised individuals and groups around the world. 

Strategic Planning in Public Safety

This course provides an opportunity for students to integrate lessons from the public safety administration program in an experience of organizational strategy development and planning. The curriculum will draw on an understanding of disaster preparedness and crisis management, incident command structure/national incident management system, organizational analysis and behavior, and principles of management. The class will examine the planning process through readings and a series of experiential team projects.


Organizational Behavior in Public Safety

Principles of Management 

Incident Command Structure/National Incident Management Systems

Disaster Preparedness and Crisis Management

Information Security and Technology

Organizational Analysis

Capstone: Case Study Analysis in Public Safety

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