EdS Education Specialist in the District

Study Format Face to Face, Cohort Format
Program Length 30 credits


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Features and benefits of the program

  • This program prepares students for superintendent licensure in the State of Illinois. 
  • The Education Specialist (EdS) degree program is a post-master’s course of study that provides students an area of educational specialization with an emphasis on practice.
  • Individuals who have already completed a master’s degree in education or related field are eligible to pursue an EdS. The amount of additional coursework necessary for an EdS degree after obtaining a master’s degree is about the same as that needed to get a second master’s degree.
  • The EdS degree provides an avenue to advance a career in education but does not require a dissertation. 
  • Students in the EdS program are eligible for financial aid. 

What does completing the program qualify one to do?

  • EdS degrees in Educational Leadership qualify individuals for superintendent and principal administrator positions. While principal positions generally only require a master’s degree, many individuals seeking a principal position will obtain an EdS.
  • Individuals seeking program coordinator and department director positions may obtain an EdS in order to gain a competitive edge in terms of qualifications compared to someone with only a master’s degree.

Moving from the EdS to a Doctoral Program

The EdS program is designed for students pursuing a superintendent endorsement who do not desire to earn a doctorate at this time. If at a later time the student wishes to earn a doctoral degree, the 30 hours (ten classes) in the EdS Education Specialist program may be applied to a doctorate in Educational Leadership as follows:

  • To complete an EdD program, the student would need an additional 31 credit hours (10 classes) and a dissertation.
  • To complete a PhD program, the student would need an additional 37 credit hours (12 classes) and a dissertation.
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