MA, Curriculum and Instruction with ESL and Bilingual Endorsements

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Program Length 33 credits*, 24 months


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Concordia University Chicago's master of arts in ELL/ESL and bilingual is embedded in the Curriculum and Instruction program. It is explicitly focused on developing teachers as leaders in their individual classrooms, schools and districts, as well as in the broader global community.

This program achieves a balance between the practical, everyday needs of teachers in the classroom and the critical-thinking and decision-making skills that are necessary for candidates to develop as competent teacher leaders. This program further cultivates a sense of responsibility toward and provides the necessary tools for effective teacher advocacy.

Graduates from the master of arts in curriculum and instruction with ESL and bilingual endorsements program will be equipped to both envision and enact educational change for language learners throughout the country and beyond. The program develops teachers with the integrity to actively respect the learning of all students integrate appropriate curriculum methodologies across the various content areas, and engage in policy recommendations and advocacy for their communities.

The ESL curriculum and instruction master of arts degree program prepares educators to be effective in promoting student learning and development in the acquisition of English as a new language. It is designed to help candidates:

  • Promote the success of all students through developing and implementing a shared vision of learning and the programs which support this learning.
  • Develop basic skills in management of the classroom, operations, and resources for a safe, efficient and effective learning environment.
  • Collaborate with staff, boards, students, families, and community members in response to diverse educational and community interests and needs, and mobilize community resources.
  • Demonstrate integrity, fairness and ethical behavior to help in the development of a caring and moral school community.
  • Analyze and respond to the larger political, social, economic, legal and cultural contexts and provide research-based instruction that includes the effective use of technology, attention to special needs populations, ESL literacy and language development.

Learning Objectives and Competencies

Candidates will acquire the following knowledge and competencies in the ESL/Curriculum and Instruction program:

  • Understand the principles, practices, and problems in public and private school programs with an emphasis on application of current theory and research, with a special focus on the needs of English language learners.
  • Interpret the role of educational forces, processes, and institutions as part of the historical development of America.
  • Apply educational objectives and learning standards to the selection and organization of learning experiences for English language learners, utilizing contemporary curriculum organization models and pertinent research.
  • Analyze contemporary language-learning educational issues in the United States, including the obstacles and challenges faced by educators, and current educational policy making and reform.
  • Synthesize curriculum, teaching and pedagogy into effective teacher leadership in classrooms and beyond, including a focus on students with special learning needs, diverse social and pedagogical needs, and the needs of urban populations.
  • Create appropriate action research in educational settings for improved teacher practice and successful learning outcomes.
  • Develop the professional habit and responsibility for reflective practice, both in general classroom pedagogy and in specific learning perspectives of individual students, especially language learners.

Throughout the program, candidates will be required to integrate their new knowledge, skills and instructional practices into their current educational settings. At the completion of all coursework, candidates for the master of arts degree in curriculum and instruction are required to complete a capstone assessment that demonstrates their understanding of content and theory and their ability to apply this new knowledge to practice.The ESL and bilingual endorsement program is aligned with TESOL standards.

ESL/ELL and Bilingual Endorsements and Certifications

Upon completion of the ESL strand of the Master of Arts in Curriculum and Instruction or Master of Arts in ESL, candidates are eligible for the ESL endorsement to be attached to an existing standard teaching license offered by the State of Illinois. Candidates outside of Illinois should contact their state board of education for eligibility.Candidates seeking the Bilingual endorsement within the state of Illinois will need to pass a language proficiency exam. Please refer to ISBE’s website for more information.

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