Ethics and Social Responsibility


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We all can agree that acting ethically is important and that we all have a responsibility to society to act in its best interest.   However, do we know …

We believe that preparing for a career in business goes beyond learning functional business skills. We are committed to your journey as you prepare to be an ethical leader.  

-Dr. Claudia Santin, Dean and Professor of Leadership

  • What is the best way to create management systems to promote ethical and socially responsible behavior within organizations?

  • Do we know how to look at an ethical issue through a global perspective?

Learning how to recognize and resolve ethical issues is an important step in evaluating ethical issues in business and making informed and socially responsible decisions. 

Our commitment to you:

The College of Business goes beyond offering one course in ethics, integrating ethics and social responsibility throughout our course work. This is a distinct advantage for our business students.

Business leaders must understand how the success of their organizations is inextricably linked with broader ethical and social issues, not only within their local community but also on a global scale.  

We prepare business students to serve and lead with integrity, demonstrating ethical and social responsibility to their community, organization, country, and the planet.


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