INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS: In addition to the base program curriculum listed below, international students attending face-to-face classes on the CUC campus are required to take the Seminar in Higher Education, a 3-credit course.

Sports Management*

Offered Terms

Semester 1

1st  (8 weeks)  


Economics of Sports

2nd (8 weeks)  


Sport Finance

Semester 2

1st  (8 weeks)  


The Essentials in Law of Sports

2nd (8 weeks)  


Level the Playing Field: Diversity in Sports

*Courses are offered on a rotational basis

The Economics of Sports

The domain of sports, most notably, professional sports, has been elevated to one of the highest rungs of the financial ladder by having entered the world of professional entertainment industry. In the 21st Century, sport has secured its place as one of the paramount forms of entertainment from Friday night high school football games to the Olympic venues. To function as an administrator within this profession, it is imperative to have a comprehensive understanding of the dynamic role of economics. In this course, students explore and examine the concepts and models of micro and intermediate economics as related to the business of sport.

The Essentials of the Law in Sports

This course introduces legal issues and professional ramifications in field of sports management through the examination of regulations, government intervention and ethically pertinent scenarios. This course allows learners to acquire a thorough understanding of legal considerations, which affect the interaction of league officials and athletes, their professional behavior, and what laws are established to protect their rights and assure they accountable for their actions.

Level the Playing Field: Diversity in Sports

This course is designed to teach students what diversity is and how it applies to sports in general and more specifically to gender, race and various cultures. The course will help learners understand the unique challenge for sports leaders to better understand diversity and through this understanding help “level the playing field.”

Sport Finance

In this course, students develop a framework with an in‐depth analysis of the various tools, techniques, ratios, formulas, and other finance‐related information, complex financial concerns in the sports workplace.



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