What a MBA Means to Me

Getting an education is an important part of success in today’s business world. It’s competitive out there; there are only a select few in the world who can drop out of school and go on to make a significant contribution. For the rest of us, Education is the key. That is why getting a Masters of Business Administration (MBA) is so important for me because education leads to opportunities.

Coming from the big populated city of Pakistan, I have learned from my experiences, big support of my family, and the positive direction given by parents led me to enroll in a MBA program in America. Studying at Concordia University Chicago is the best decision of my life, getting an MBA with this university will increase my chances of finding a great job and secure my career.

Generally, the more education you have the more opportunities will become available to you, more companies hire MBA graduates because they are skillful people and many companies will ask current employees to go to school to earn their MBAs, you know if the company is willing to pay for employees to get a MBA degree, it’s certainly an asset.

One of the really valuable parts of getting an MBA degree is the networking opportunities. Being part of the MBA Student Association at Concordia University Chicago helps me to interact with the different types of people in one room, all trying to accomplish the same goal. These are the future leaders in the business world. These relationships become very valuable. The relationships you forge in the MBA classroom will help you join groups and organization that will certainly benefit you and your future employer.

Muhammad Sajjad Naqvi
MBA student 
Graduate Assistant, College of Business


Why Pursue an MBA?

Why an MBA? The answer to this question depends on who is answering it. Over the course of my studies I have come to realize that even though we all have different paths, our processes are often surprisingly similar.

Coming from Cameroon, which is NOT considered “the business hotspot” of Africa, I have learned through experience that solving a personal, educational, emotional or work challenge requires using specific skills in order to produce effective results. Problem solving and critical thinking are important values to possess as a professional or expert in any profession.

Is an MBA degree a path to get these essential skills? This question preoccupies my mind and, I believe, that of other MBAs. Although we all have different goals in life, reaching those individual goals is never a fairy tale or happy-ending movie--it requires hard work.

The true value of an MBA lies in the assimilation of specific skills through diverse experiences that a student should—or must--encounter during the course of their MBA journey. Do all MBA or prospective MBA students understand this? Maybe.

By writing this blog, I hope to help MBA students to understand the importance of defining what they want to accomplish during their academic journey. It is not an ocean of hopeful skills they wish to fish in. It requires us to understand what we want and work proactively through different learning methods and experiences to get the required skills we need in our careers.

MBAs are hired for their specific, distinguishing, learned skills. Their individual skill set differentiates them and places them a step above their competition.

Problem solving and critical thinking are important skills an MBA student and potential business leader should have. When should you find skills you need to acquire? When should you identify where you excel? The time is now. Let’s begin.

Emmanuel Ndifor
Former MBA SA President

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