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CALLA is home to the “Connecting Classically” speakers bureau. The individuals listed here are academics who possess a compelling interest in classical education and the Liberal Arts. The speakers are leading experts in their field who are prepared to expand the understanding and appreciation of Classical Education to diverse audiences in settings such as conferences, community outreach events, homeschool groups and teacher in-service events. Inviting organizations are responsible for travel and honoraria. 

Rev. Dr. Robert Sorensen

Faculty Specialty: Greek, Biblical Theology
Speaking Interests: Instruction of Ancient Greek; Christian Scripture, especially the New Testament; Early Church History
Interest in Classical Education: Dr. Sorensen’s first calling was that of an elementary teacher. After ordination he entered parish ministry. His three children attended a classical school.
Email: Robert.Sorensen@CUChicago.edu 

Rev. Dr. Thomas Korcok

Faculty Specialty: Catechesis, Classical Education
Speaking Interests: Theological Principles of Education, Communicating Classical Education to a Wider Audience, Classical Education in Small and Rural settings
Interest in Classical Education: Dr. Korcok started a classical school in rural northern Ontario. This led him to do his Master’s and Doctorate in the theological principles which undergird Classical Education
Web Link: drkorcok.com
Email: Thomas.Korcok@CUChicago.edu 

Dr. David Rogner

Faculty Specialty: English Literature
Speaking Interests: Life of Christ in Art and Poetry
Interest in Classical Education: Dr. Rogner is well read in the area of the Liberal Arts. He was instrumental in building Concordia-Chicago’s Classical Liberal Studies major.
Email: David.Rogner@CUChicago.edu

Rev. Dr. James Kellerman

Faculty Specialty: Latin, Logic
Speaking Interests and expertise: the value of studying Latin; Greco-Roman civilization and its influence on the modern world; Greek philosophy; Christianity from Constantine to the fall of Rome Connection
Interest in Classical Education: As a longtime student and teacher of the classics, Dr. Kellerman has come to appreciate not only the content of the classics but the method by which they were taught before the modern era.
Email: James.Kellerman@CUChicago.edu 

Rev. Dr. Patrick J. Bayens

Faculty Specialty: Theology, Church History, Liturgics
Speaking interest and expertise: "Art in the Greek Classical Tradition"; "Beauty, Art, and the Church"; "Virgil in the Classical Christian Tradition"; "The Revelation of John Meets the Good, the True, and the Beautiful"
Interest in Classical Education: Dr. Bayens taught Latin to third and fourth graders for five years.
Email: Patrick.Bayens@CUChicago.edu 

Meghan Sleezer, MA

Faculty specialty: Mathematics Instruction
Speaking interest and expertise: “The Mathematical Beauty of Creation”
Email: Meghan.Sleezer@CUChicago.edu

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